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Let SFV Climate Reality help you be the change you want to see in the world!

Check out the Bee the Change section each month for simple action items you can take to help solve the climate crisis. 

Every step, big and small, gets us closer to a healthier planet.

Check in at the next chapter meeting and let us know how it went!

Looking for a previous month's actions? Check out our Bee The Change archive for each past month's BTC list:


July 2021: Get to Know Your Legislators

June 2021: Live Well and Spark A Climate Revolution

May 2021: Help the Bees

August Actions

Inspired by our August guest speakers from the The River Project and CLAW, here are three actions you can do this month to support biodiversity and wildlife:


1. Turn Off The Lights! 

Light pollution can disrupt the natural behavior of wildlife in our area. Simply turning off your outdoors lights when not in use is an easy action to reduce lighting impact. When you are using outdoor lights, keep them LOW, SHIELDED, and LONG.  Click Here for more information about light pollution and responsible outdoor lighting solutions.

2. Plant Native: 

For a trifecta of benefits, plant native California plants that are drought-tolerant, fire-resistant, and good for wildlife! Click Here for a list of fire-resistant California natives, or enter your address on to see all the plants that are native to your area.

3. Visit The River: 

Despite humans' best efforts to control the L.A. River, nature has still found some ways to claim its rightful place along it. Taking a walk, riding a bike, or sitting on a bench in certain spots alongside the river, you’ll hear an orchestra of birds, smell the sweet bouquet of native plants, and feel a cool breeze flowing down the channel. Experiencing the potential of this beautiful river will make you want to restore it even more. Click Here for more information about visiting the L.A. River with downloadable maps including the Upper River.

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