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Let SFV Climate Reality help you be the change you want to see in the world!

Check out the Bee the Change section each month for simple action items you can take to help solve the climate crisis. 

Every step, big and small, gets us closer to a healthier planet.

Check in at the next chapter meeting and let us know how it went!

May Actions



Speak out against Neonic Pesticides! Write letters to Bayer-Monsanto, Amazon, and President Biden demanding a ban on neonic pesticides. Follow instructions at:

(5 minute action)


Support local beekeepers! Buy local honey, attend an event, or make a donation to a local bee organization. Here are a few places to explore your options:

The Valley Hive (,

The Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association (, and Honey Love (

(15 minute action)


Plant nectar-rich plants in your garden, on your balcony, or at a community space! Here's a list of 25 plants bees love: Or, you can stick with California natives that drive bees wild: (30 minute action)


Build a Bee Hotel! Native bees need our help, too! Solitary native bees need habitat in our yards. Here's a fun family project that will attract native bees to your garden: (1.5 hour action)


Inspired to do more? For other ideas on how you can help the bees this month, check out the Bee Conservancy at:

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